What is Blue 1? What is Blue 2?

While the idea of only eating simple unprocessed foods is great, it can be challenging.

I try to go for the second best thing which is understanding what the unpronounceable ingredients are.

With that goal in mind I give you…

Blue 1 & Blue 2 from projecteatme.wordpress.com

What are blue 1 and blue 2?

Blue 1 and blue 2 are artificial food dyes.

Blue 1 is poorly digested so it comes out the other end as green #2.

Blue 2 is filtered rapidly by the kidneys and turns urine blue.


What are blue 1 and 2 used for?

Blue 1 is used:

  • to color things like ice cream, blue curacao, blue raspberry flavored foods, other beverages, candy, and baked goods.

Blue 2 is used:

  • To color pet food, beverages, and candy.

Fun Fact: Blue 2 is also used as a pH indicator.

Are blue 1 and 2 safe?

An unpublished animal test suggests that blue 1  may pose a small cancer risk. A test-tube study indicated that it might affect neurons. It also causes occasional allergic reactions. So it generally appears that it might be safe for people that are not allergic, but it should be better tested.

Take away message: Try to avoid blue 1.

Animal studies found some evidence that blue 2 causes brain cancer in male rats, but the FDA concluded that there is reasonable certainty of no harm.

Take away message: Avoid blue 2 because it is poorly tested and not worth any risk.

Tell me: Do you eat blue foods?
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