Weekend Reading: How Size Affects Taste, Hand Washing, Salads

Happy Friday all!

You know you’re old when you are brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed when everyone else is putting on mascara and getting ready to go out!

In my defense I just got through a couple of long but productive days of meetings in NYC and still found some time for a little fun.

Here’s an i-phone pic of me in Times Square after a tasty Greek dinner with some of my dietitian heroes yesterday.

Times Square

And here are a few reads to keep you going through the weekend:

How The Size, Weight, Shape And Color Of Cutlery Affects Taste from Medical News Today
I find this so fascinating.

The art of hand washing has yet to be mastered from USA Today
It seems so simple. But having 3 showers a day does not mean your hands are clean. And wetting your fingertips with cold water doesn’t mean you’re hands are any cleaner than the dude that skips the sink on the way out of the bathroom. Sorry.

20 Simple, No-Cook Salads from Saveur
Love this!

Have a great weekend,


Fill in the blank: You know you’re old when ….


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