Weekend Reading: Alcohol Nutrition, Diets, Exercise, Emotions, New Diet Drug


Before you do anything else this weekend, I highly encourage you to click on this link:
Food game: how well do you know the world? from the Guardian

Now that that’s over with. Check out these pics from my bike ride last weekend. I got my bike back after getting the wheel replaced and thought I would just go for a leisurely ride to Trader Joe’s. Turns out that the storm the day before had left its mark. \


Bike underwater

Here are a couple of interesting things I read this week. Enjoy!

Alcohol Nutrition

Coming soon? Nutritional labels on alcohol from USA Today
Alcoholic beverages now have the option to provide a nutrition label on their product. The standard format will have “Serving Facts” as the panel heading and include serving size, percent and fluid ounces of alcohol, calories, carbohydrate, fat, and protein.


Crash diet tied to increased gallstone risk from Reuters
A new study found that extreme calorie restriction (500 calories a day for six to ten weeks) was more than three times as likely to cause gallstones than a diet providing 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day.

Can Going Vegetarian Help You Live Longer? Maybe from NPR
New research finds that men who ate vegetarian diets were less likely to die from heart disease and other heart conditions. But if you’re looking for the definitive study that might persuade meat lovers to become vegetarian, this may not be it.

Grass: It’s What’s For Dinner (3.5 Million Years Ago) from NPR
If you want to go paleo in your diet, invest in a lawn mower. An examination of fossilized teeth from early humans and their ancient forebears reveals our ancestors switched from an ape diet of fruits and leaves to eating grasses and sedges about 3.5 million years ago.


A 20-Minute Bout of Yoga Stimulates Brain Function Immediately After from Science Daily
There you have it.

Emotions and food

Feeling A Little Blue May Mask Our Ability To Taste Fat from NPR
Temporary, strong emotions, when we’re already feeling down, can significantly reduce our ability to perceive the fat in our food, researchers say. It’s the latest finding to show how strong emotions can confuse our sense of taste.

New weight loss drug

Anti-obesity prescription drug hits the market from KVUE
It’s not a magic pill that will make all of your problems go away, but it may be another tool to help obese people with weight loss.

Twitter Finds:

Here are a few favorite tweets from the week for you too:

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