Weekend Reading: College Health, Gluten, Rice

It has been a weird week!

On Tuesday, I was stopped at a light on my bike, and the car in front of me backed into me. But rather than crashing into me, it continued to move backward, while my bike and I stayed in place. The result was that the back end of the car ended up sitting on my front wheel. The wheel lost quite a bit of its roundness but I’m impressed how much weight it was able to hold.

Bent Bike Wheel

I told you recently that I was going to go vegan for a week. It’s harder than it sounds! Check back next week for the details but for now, here’s some cool reading:

College Health

Managing food allergies at college from Food Allergy Research and Education
Great info from Food Allergy Week (last week)

The 25 Healthiest Colleges in the U.S., 2012 from Greatist
Is yours on the list?

5 Ways to Get Fit in Your Dorm Room from USA Today
I especially like the free options!


Your 5 Worst Gluten-Free Mistakes from Health.com
Great discussion about navigating the gluten free landscape from the super cool @CynthiaSass


10 Meals Where Rice Takes Center Stage from The Kitchn

Twitter finds

For those of you that aren’t on twitter, I figured it might be worth sharing a few cool things that other people are sharing on twitter:

Did you read / do / see anything cool this week?
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