Mushroom Eat Me Quiz

Happy Monday my friends!

I hope you’ve been paying attention this month because it’s time for a quiz!

What will I win?

If you are in Canada, you’ll have the chance to win a “Grow your own Mushrooms” mushrooms growing kit and a “Make it with Mushrooms” apron from Mushrooms Canada.

Mushrooms Canada Apron and mushroom growing kit

But that’s not all!

If you are in the United States, you’ll have the chance to win this cool Back to the Roots mushroom growing kit from The Mushroom Channel.

Mushroom Kit from the Mushroom Channel

One winner in Canada and one winner in the United States will be randomly selected from entrants with the highest quiz score.

Where can I find the answers?

As the name might imply, this quiz is all about delicious, versatile mushrooms! Most of the answers can be found within the posts of Project Eat Me this month. But some of the answers will be found on and so you might want to browse these sites before you start.

The quiz closes Thursday, May 3rd at midnight.

Good luck!

I’m ready for the quiz, let me at it!

Click here to start the Eat Me Quiz!

Disclaimer: The prizes for this Eat Me Quiz come from the awesome people at Mushrooms Canada and The Mushroom Channel. The Mushroom Channel offered to send me a mushroom growing kit too and it is far too cool to pass up. I was not otherwise compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I am not eligible to join since I am not the resident of Canada or U.S. But I have seen a mushroom growing kit before and I guess it is great for people to grow their own mushrooms without thinking of too much space or time to maintain it. I love eating mushrooms because it makes pizza and other dishes very crunchy.

  1. Mushroom Eat Me Quiz Answers and Winners | ProjectEatMe

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