Mushroom Swapability


I had big plans to cook up some delicious meatballs and share the recipe with you today.

But that’s not happening and if you want to blame something, blame chocolate.

That’s right. There is a local chocolate factory and shop that recently opened a coffee counter. I thought it would be a good idea to go check it out and do some work there this morning. Well, I can say that the coffee was delicious, but the aroma of chocolate was a little too distracting for me which means I got behind on my work today.

So, long story short: No meatballs.

But I will share a cool concept with you called swapability, also known as blendability. You won’t find these words in the dictionary so let me explain:

What is swapability?

Well, swapability or blendability is a way to add a serving of vegetables to your meal while cutting calories.

This info card from the Mushroom Council explains it pretty well.

Did you look at the info card? I’m telling you, there’s good info there.

Anyway, you can basically take any ground meat based recipe (meatloaf, meatballs, chili, tourtiere (meat pie), pasta sauce, etc.) and swap out some of the ground meat for chopped mushrooms. Doing this allows the flavor to stay the same, doesn’t alter the texture too much, saves you a bit of money, and drastically cuts fat and calories while adding some of the awesome nutrients that come with mushrooms.

Here is a Pinterest Board with all sorts of recipes that already have instructions for blending in mushrooms.

Swapability Pinterest Board

But you can take any recipe you love and do your own swapping and blending. Just cut out half or three quarters of the ground meat and replace it with chopped mushrooms!

Have you ever added mushrooms to your ground meat dishes to healthify them?
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  1. Vicki

     /  April 26, 2013

    I added chopped mushrooms to lean ground lamb, tastes great…I also added shredded zucchini, not as easy to hide, but it and the mushrooms helped to make the lamb burgers more tender.

    • I had a lamb burger the other night…maybe it would have been better with mushrooms! You can definitely add all sorts of other veggies to foods, but I find mushrooms just work really well with meat since they don’t change the texture too much and have a slightly meaty flavor on their own.


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