Weekend Reading: Choffy, Weight Loss, Kitchen Organization, More Fun

It is seriously getting ready to storm here!

But look what’s growing:

Strawberry Flower

I started a cool new job this week and seem to have found myself taking 3 classes so I didn’t do a lot of fun reading this week.

Hope you like what I found for you but I would also love to hear if you have anything else to share.

Chocolate + coffee = choffy

Will Choffy Replace Your Daily Cup of Coffee? From Diet Blog
I seriously want to try this….it’s like coffee but made with ground cocoa beans rather than coffee beans.

Weight loss

5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight from Food & Nutrition Magazine
Convinced you’re doing everything right but you’re still gaining? You might find your reason here.

Kitchen organization

Organizing Your Spice Cabinet from Healthy Eats
Cool idea to organize your spice cabinet by cuisine if alphabetical isn’t working for you.

More fun

And if you still need more to read, check out this comic: Bad Apple Castle

Twitter finds

For those of you that aren’t on twitter, I figured it might be worth sharing a few cool things that other people are sharing on twitter:

  • Cooking on Campus, try this recipe, #TandooriChicken http://t.co/j7PqwKUvZ7 via @CollegeTourist
  • This week’s #Healthy Menu Idea features #recipes for European Salad and Seared Cod w/Pineapple Slaw: http://t.co/5iO8u6GcGj via @Fruits_Veggies
  • #Healthyeating Try something new next time you eat out via @nutriwell_coach
  • 5 Tips for Tackling Spring Allergies http://t.co/TMGyvD9mMW #health#allergies via @KnowMoreTV
  • I LOVE MUSHROOMS! Via @Krunr21
  • #BostonMarathon is the 2nd oldest annual footrace in the US 1st held in 1897, the oldest is the Buffalo Turkey Trot http://t.co/SOP0Muv6jP via @Foodimentary
  • Sharing my life call and an Italian tarte http://t.co/Q9A5rCqzJs #photography #dessert #italy #ricotta via @RecipeTaster
Did you read / do / see anything cool this week?
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