Eat Right on a Budget


Do you think eat right, your way, every day is just for rich people?

It’s not true. Research says so. Healthy food can be affordable.

But if you want to stretch your food dollars, there are a couple of tricks to keep in mind.

Weighing Food Costs

Tips for grocery shopping on a budget

Plan. Think about what meals you want to cook this week. Make a list of ingredients you need but don’t already have. That’s your grocery list.

Pay attention to flyers, coupons, and in store sales. Stock up on pricier foods (meat and seafood) when they are on sale. If you can find shrimp on a buy-two-bags-get-three-free sale AND have the freezer space, go for it!

Stay in season. These days you can find most things year-round if you look hard enough, but the quality and price tends to be a lot better when things are in season. You might also be able to find cheaper, fresher items at your local farmers market.

Look at prices. Most stores list the price per unit (eg. 0.54¢/g) on their shelf tags. Use these to find the more affordable product – it is often a larger container, but don’t assume this is the case. Don’t forget to compare nutrition information too.

Buy in bulk. For meat it is often cheaper to buy family packs, this might mean buying a 5 pound package of chicken breasts, and splitting it up before freezing when you get home. If you’re lucky, your store will have a bulk section where you can bag your own nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cereal, pasta, rice, and other grains. Buying spices from bulk bins can save you millions of dollars.

Cut costs by cutting your own foods. It’s nice to be able to buy pre-cut fruit and vegetables, but cutting them yourself will save you mucho moola. Things like instant rice, instant oats, and pre-sliced meats and cheeses tend to come with a higher price tag too.

What tricks do you have to eat right on a budget?
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