Weekend Reading: Weight Management, Labeling, Booze, Acne, Strawberry Recipes

Hi all,


Check out this pic of a fountain I took while out for a walk last weekend!

Frozen Fountain

This is supposed to be the super hot South. Here’s hoping for warmer weather this weekend – Happy reading!

Weight management

Don’t Expect to Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet from Diet Blog
Nicole shares 3 vegetarian weight loss downfalls and offers suggestions of how to fix them.

Portion Control: Use Visual Cues to Remember Serving Sizes from Healthy Eats
Easy portion size visuals from smart phones to shot glasses.


One In Three Fish Sold At Restaurants And Grocery Stores Is Mislabeled from NPR
It’s often just a form of swindling – a cheap fish like tilapia sold as red snapper. But Oceana says the practice also can put consumers at health risk.

Calorie Counts: Fatally Flawed, Or Our Best Defense Against Pudge? from NPR
Researchers air concerns about the Atwater system of determining calories.

Monster Energy Drinks to List Caffeine Content on Labels from ABC World News
Monster wants to be considered a food now.

Vitamin Labels May Be Wrong from New York Times Well Blog
It turns out the popular vitamin D supplements are often mislabeled – and the FDA doesn’t regulate the potency of supplements.

Video: Food Network’s “Rescue Chef” Danny Boome and farm mom Katie Pratt teamed up with the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance to shed some light on labeling buzz words
Grass-Fed! Naturally Raised! Organic! It seems these buzz words have made their way on to almost every package, menu, and grocery item these days, but have you ever wondered what all these terms really mean and are these pricey items healthier?


Pairing Wine and Food from The Kitchn
11 types of food and 8 styles of wine paired…it’s like following a maze to find each pairing.

Cooking Without Alcohol: Substitutes for Red and White Wine from The Kitchn
Grape juice is an obvious choice but there are other options.

Young Drinkers Prefer Beer from New York Times Well Blog
Specifically Bud Light.


Increasing Evidence Links High Glycemic Index Foods and Dairy Products to Acne from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
A couple of studies have recently looked at dietary links to acne – just another reason to eat smart.

Strawberry recipes

Aunt Linda’s Strawberry Thaw from Tasty Touring
Intriguing strawberry mouse cake.

18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug from BuzzFeed
Check out Strawberry Mug Pie, recipe #16.

Have a great weekend and let me know if you have any links to share!
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  1. That’s the coolest picture of a fountain that I think I’ve ever seen! :O AMAZING!


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