Vitamin C

Hi there!

It seems like everyone is coming down with a cold lately – even my cat has the sniffles!

And I’m willing to bet that the lovely people at the stores are having a hard time keeping vitamin C pills on the shelf.

So I thought I would tell you a little about this little vitamin.

Vitamin C 2

What is vitamin C?

Two-hundred and fifty years ago, a disease called scurvy killed as many as two-thirds of sailors on long journeys. Luckily, someone fancy discovered that citrus fruits containing vitamin C could prevent scurvy. Vitamin C is also know as ascorbic acid.

Fun fact: Humans, along with monkeys, guinea pigs, fruit bats, and some birds and fish are the only animals that need to eat vitamin C.

Why is vitamin C good for you?

  • Promotes formation of collagen, an important protein found in connective tissue, cartilage, bone matrix, tooth dentin, skin, and tendons
  • Works as an antioxidant to protect vitamin A, vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and iron from destruction
  • Promotes iron absorption which is especially helpful for non-meat sources of iron
  • Helps with the metabolism of certain amino acids and the synthesis of several hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Helps with immune system functioning
  • Prevents bleeding gums and pinpoint hemorrhages under the skin
  • Prevents scurvy

Despite all of this awesomeness and what you may have heard, there is actually no convincing evidence that large doses of vitamin C prevent colds although supplements may help those who fail to meet their needs through foods.

What are some vitamin C rich foods?

Vitamin C is mainly found in fruits and vegetables and some are better sources than others.

Fun fact: Vitamin C is easily damaged by heat,  iron, and copper which is why raw fruits and vegetables are the best sources.

Food milligrams
½ cup red peppers 142
1 kiwi fruit 57
½ orange 49
½ cup cooked Brussels sprouts 49
½ cup strawberries 47
RDA for adult men 90
RDA for adult women 75
RDA for men who smoke 125
RDA for women who smoke 110

RDA is the amount of a nutrient that meets the needs of most people of a specified age and sex.

Did you notice strawberries in there? I did!

What’s your favorite vitamin C food?
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