Weekend Reading: Campus Sustainability, Fun Things, Weight Management, Workout Gear, Kitchen Toys

Happy Friday! It’s snowing in Raleigh!

Snow Day

I had to look, but eventually I found some snow that didn’t melt as soon as it hit the ground.

Here’s some of the interesting things I’ve come across on the web this week. Happy reading and if you are having a snow day like we are, then happy long weekend!

Campus sustainability

Written Messages Improve Edible Food Waste Behaviors in a University Dining Facility from the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
This research study found that simply making university students aware of food waste may help to improve their behaviors and the sustainability of the college foodservice facility.

Impact on Plate Waste of Switching from a Tray to a Trayless Delivery System in a University Dining Hall and Employee Response to the Switch from the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
This research study found that going trayless in the dining hall actually decreased food waste by a significant amount.

What does your college do to encourage sustainability?

Fun things

The Dangerous Book for Boys & The Daring Book for Girls from TurteleAndRobot
This is a short review of some fabulous sounding children’s books I would like to have in my collection. I like children’s and young adult books better than regular books and these ones sound plain old fun!

Weight management

All Diets Work…and that’s the Problem from Death of the Diet
Review of a TON of diet research and concludes that all diets work, but the results last ONLY if you stick with them.

The Weight Loss Tip that Keeps Foreigners Thin from Diets in Review
Registered dietitian Janis Jibrin observes that people from other countries seem to be thinner than those in the U.S. and proposes that their secret may be sticking to the three-meals-per-day rule and cutting out snacks.

Small Meals, Big Payoff: Keeping Hunger And Calories In Check from NPR
In contrast to the above article, people trying to lose weight are often told to eat small frequent meals throughout the day. But some researchers in France weren’t happy with the lack of evidence to support this idea so they did science. They recruited 20 men, and fed them a 675 calorie breakfast. On some days they ate the whole breakfast at once and on some days they were given a quarter of the breakfast every hour until it was done. What they found was that when they ate four mini breakfasts, they were less hungry at lunch. From this they concluded is that eating small frequent meals does seem to help prevent overindulging. At least in France. My question would be, what is the long term effect? Are they still less hungry for lunch the next day?

Workout gear

Fitness Clothing: Where to Save and Where to Splurge from FitSugar
Great points on what pieces of clothing are worth the price tag. But I would definitely argue that good socks are very, very important for long distance running.

Workout Gear In the Color of the Year from FitSugar
Apparently the fashion experts have decided that emerald green is the color to be seen in for 2013. I am not a fashion expert but I did just buy some green flip flops. They may not be appropriate for this weather though.

Kitchen toys

Almost Instant Foamy Milk All Hail Aerolatte Handheld Frother from The Kitchn
I want one. This would be the perfect finish to my attempts to make coffee shop coffee at home.

What fun things did you read this week?
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  1. That NPR article was really interesting – thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you agree – I always like studies that look at small little things we can change that might help make our lives a little better.


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