Health Benefits of Black Beans

Black beans are nutritional powerhouses so I thought I should share some of the health benefits they boast. Many of their health benefits are due to their magical protein-fiber combination along with other nutritional components.

Black bean can

What are the health benefits of black beans?

Longevity: One study found that with every 20g increase in daily legume intake produced a 7-8% reduction in risk of death.

Reduced cancer risk: Three decades of epidemiological data connect beans with reduced risk of various cancers. Also, preliminary animal and laboratory studies have shown black beans to inhibit the development of certain types of cancers, especially colon cancer.

Heart health: Black beans are high in soluble fiber, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, magnesium, potassium, copper, and folate – all of which are known to be beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Weight management: Data from a large study showed that men and women who regularly consumed beans had a 22% lower risk of obesity compared to non-bean eaters.

Blood sugar control: Beans are digested slowly and the body absorbs their energy gradually so blood sugars levels rise slowly.

Flatulence: Although about half of the population experiences an increase in gas when they eat beans, this disconcerting side-effect usually goes away after 2-4 weeks of regular consumption.

Are you ready to give black beans a try yet?


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